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SP Hybrid Skids-The Remote PV/Hybrid System for Today-Sacred Power Corporation is one of the national leaders in renewable energy development offering a wide variety of products that provide solutions to America's environmental and energy problems, one of which is the SP HYBRD.

SP-800 (Newest PV/Hybrid)
SP Hybrid

Our newest PV/Hybrid is the SP-800 which is an 800 watt fixed array combined with either an 400 watt wind turbine or a 3.4 kW propane generator. Fifty two (52) each of both systems have been deployed for off-grid homes.

Included in our system are several "king-pins"; components never before seen in a PV/HYBRID system. For example, the SP-1000 includes the following:

SP Hybrid
  • Large PV Array -1000 peak watts/hr.
  • Dual-axis tracker-adds 38% more power by tracking the sun all day.
  • Gel Cell batteries-no water to add or check
  • Cool Cell battery box- reduce heat by water convection by up to 50 degrees, extending the life of the batteries.
  • Large 7,000 watt propane generator
  • 120-gallon propane tank
  • Compact size and transportability, but heavy weight for stability.


SP trailerThe SP HYBRD system is designed for high quality through manufacturability resulting in low cost. The systems are built and tested in a controlled environment. Once delivered, the unit is completely operational. The only on-site "construction" is the possible erection of the optional wind tower and/or the telecommunications equipment. Both of which can be attached to the heavy powder coated steel frame. The use of a dual-axis provides more power versus the use of a fixed mounted or seasonally adjusted type photovoltaic module racking. The use of Industrial Grade Deep-Cycle Maintenance Free Gel Batteries alleviates past problems dealing with frequent customer servicing of the batteries.

The use of the "cool-cell" battery box enhances the life of the batteries by reducing the temperature within the battery box. The water absorbs the heat generated by the batteries during the day and releases it at night while concurrently, absorbing the cooling effects of the nighttime ambient and providing chilled water for a cooling effect inside the battery box for the next day. A simple but effective means of natural convection.

The use of of a high generator combined with a dedicated large propane tank means the generator will not be overstressed and is operated at its peak for shorter periods of time maximizing its efficiency, thereby extending its service life. The projected 30-day supply of fuel mirrors regular deliveries by the Propane Company.



  • Skid Length 14.5 feet
  • Skid Width 5.5 feet
  • Height: 12.5 feet
  • Weight: 4, 000 lbs. (Depending on Options)


SP HYBRID Performance Projections

The SP HYBRID system can provide the peak power requirements of 45kWh/day load by operating in the following mater, with the following options:

Wind turbine

  • 1000 watt Wind turbine: provides 6, 800 watts/day from a class 4 wind field mounted on a 30-foot tower.
  • 1000 watt array on dual-axis tracker provides 1000 x 8hours/day=8000 plus 38% additional power by tracking + 11,040 watts/day dc reduced 25% for ac conversion = 8,280 watts/day.
  • 12,000 propane generator running 2.35 hours/day =28.264.


    wind turbine
    -PV array
    -Generator @ 2.35 hrs/day. Propane burn rate @ full load = 1.97 gal/hr =4.9 gallons/day. 120-gallon tank provides approximately a 30-day supply.

    -watts/day Total



  • Satellite communications (Telephone & Internet)
  • 1000-watt wind turbine on a 30-foot tower also located on the steel frame
  • Larger 12, 000 watt generator
  • Large PV array up to 1980 watts, including larger two-axis tracker
  • Larger power conditioning unit (inverter)
  • 240 volts ac output



SP Hybrids ready for delivery to various sites around the country!

SP Hybrid







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